We back ambitious founders from South and Central Eastern Europe.

LAUNCHUB is a leading early-stage venture capital fund focused on investing in startups in South-Eastern (SEE) and Central-Eastern (CEE) Europe.

Since 2012, we have been involved in the region and its diaspora, helping exceptional teams create the next generation of game-changing companies. We are currently investing out of our third fund, with a size of €74M, dedicated towards ambitious early-stage founders.

Our focus

  • 🎯  Pre-seed and seed investing with initial tickets between €0.3 - 3M.
  • 🧑  Founders solving large-scale problems with a global vision, in any industry.

Our value-add

  • 💵  We get you prepared to score top-tier VCs for your next financing.
  • 🏢  Access to a global network of clients, advisors, and co-investors.
  • 🤝  Hands-on strategic guidance and mentorship.

We are well-known for helping our companies raise large next-stage investment rounds.

→ In fact, 75% of our portfolio companies raise follow-on funding by exceptional VCs from our co-investors network, raising over €400M of capital in total. Check out our co-investors here.

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We have led rounds for some of the most successful European startups such as Quantive, FintechOS, Giraffe360, OfficeRnD, and others.

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Lyuben Belov, Irina Dimitrova, Todor Breshkov, Stan Sirakov, Stephane Gantchev, Rumen Iliev, Raya Yunakova, Petar Tsachev, Mario Stoev, Maria-Elena Alecsa, Alexandra Todorova


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