Our founders' testimonials

“For a startup, finding the Founders-Investors fit is as important as finding the Product-Market fit. You need an investor that you can trust and rely on when things go up and down... and they will go up and down! LAUNCHub Ventures has always been an extremely supportive and reliable partner of OfficeRnD. The team played an enormous role in our growth as a company and founders and we'll always be thankful.”

Photo of Miroslav Miroslavov
Miroslav Miroslavov CEO, OfficeRnD

“Taking an investment from LAUNCHub Ventures was one of the best decisions we made in our early days. The team has proven to be our trusted partner by extending their support well beyond the funding-strategic advice on critical decisions, building operational structures and introductions to next stage investors. A true value add investor we are proud to have.”

Photo of Ivan Osmak
Ivan Osmak CEO, GTMHub

“LAUNCHub Ventures was our company’s first institutional investor, and they have been instrumental for our growth ever since. I am continually impressed with how supportive and entrepreneur-friendly their team has been, providing early stage companies with valuable guidance and partner introductions.”

Photo of Kosta Jordanov
Kosta Jordanov CEO, Fite

Our companies

With close to €30M under management we have supported over 35 startups. We are proud of our founders who have subsequently attracted over €78M in additional funding from angel investors and some of the most reputable funds in Europe and North America.

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