SFDR Policy

Sustainability-related disclosures pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (“SFDR”)

On 10 March 2021, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/2088), the SFDR) came into force. This European Regulation requires certain financial market participants (such as managers of alternative investment funds) to publish sustainability-related information on their website and in pre-contractual disclosures.

1. Sustainability risks

At LAUNCHub Ventures, we integrate the consideration of sustainability risks into our investment decision-making process. These risks encompass environmental, social, or governance issues that could potentially or actually impact the value of an investment significantly. In our due diligence process, prior to making any investment, we conduct an assessment of these sustainability risks using a specialized questionnaire. The findings from this assessment play a role in shaping our investment decisions. However, we retain the autonomy to make investment choices, whether to invest or abstain, regardless of the sustainability risks identified. In all our investment decisions, we adhere to the principle of proportionality, giving due consideration to the strategic significance of the investment and the specifics of the transaction context. However, we consciously steer clear of industries that have a high environmental impact. This means no investments in sectors like manufacturing, oil and gas, heavy machinery, tobacco or other.

2. No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

At LAUNCHub, we do not consider the adverse impacts of our investment decisions on sustainability factors due to insufficient reliable data available to adequately analyze these principal adverse impacts and integrate them into the investment decision-making process.

Should there be enhancements in the availability and dependability of sustainability data, along with greater clarity in the legal framework concerning the evaluation of these impacts, we might consider incorporating the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors in the future. In this regard, LAUNCHub keeps a close watch on the progress and updates related to the SFDR and its associated delegated laws and regulations.

3. Remuneration

In line with regulatory requirements LAUNCHub does not have a remuneration policy and therefore does not integrate sustainability risks into such a policy.