Lessons Learned From The Previous Financial Crisis And How You Can Apply Them To Your Business Today

April 02, 2020 12:21 / Story

Summary of the webinar we hosted for our portfolio on crisis management. Luyben, Launchub Ventures and Vasil Terziev from Eleven Ventures shared everything they learned so far on how to deal with uncertain times like with our extended startup community.

LAUNCHub Ventures posted on LinkedIn

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Announcing Series A Academy

January 15, 2020 10:00 / Story

This idea has been growing for a while now - to share with the community all our knowledge and learnings in raising Series A funding. In the last years the team of LAUNCHub Ventures and our portfolio founders have learned quite a lot raising money around Europe and the US.

What To Think Of When Preparing To Raise Seed And Series A. Practical Advice From Founders And Investors - TrendingTopics.at Bulgaria

Founders and investors share insights on how to raise seed and Series A rounds as Eastern European company.