Who we are

Who We Are?

Since 2012, LAUNCHub has invested  and committed 8 million Euro in 63 startups from 10 countries in the SEE region, including Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Ukraine, Austria and Switzerland.

We have welcomed over 200 founders in our portfolio family and for less than three years we have managed to attract over 11 million Euro of additional funding for our companies, seeing through a couple of next rounds, including two Series A and a few joint rounds with participation from angels and other seed investors.

What we offer

What We Offer?

The LAUNCHub team works with our founders to provide assistance in many ways, other than the investments granted. We act more like a team member and an engaged partner. We offer our startup teams access to a network, consisting of experts, tech vendors, successful entrepreneurs and investors. We sit together on advisory boards to elaborate together business and product development strategies.

On a strategic level LAUNCHub is partnering with Seedcamp and Mozilla WebFWD. LAUNCHub operates under the Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Seed financial instrument of the JEREMIE initiative of the EIF and EC.

What we are looking for


Our application run is aimed at companies targeting seed financing - our investments vary of up to 200 K Euro. Together with co-investors we have participated in seed rounds of up to 400 K Euro. We are targeting companies and startup teams with a completed product and with some initial traction.

Other than that we aim at working with cohesive and committed teams, showing a good understanding of the markets and consumers they are addressing. Our teams are able to communicate their concept and business model in a clear and sound way. Relevant feedback, customer reviews and metrics are always welcome. Successful teams we have worked with so far have proved to be creative and passionate, good listeners and responsive to feedback on their way to achieving traction and growth.

The LAUNCHub funding opportunities are open also to teams having already participated in accelerator programmes or raised angel money. Intros and recommendations from other startup founders, accelerators, business angels and industry peers are more than welcome to support your application for seed and micro-seed investments with LAUNCHub.

Your benefits from joining us

Your Benefit from Joining Us

When joining the LAUNCHub family you will get the unique opportunity to collaborate with over other 100 founders. Our founder-friendly approach and incredible network will help enhance your growth to new dimensions. As a team we are open, transparent, easily-accessible and right by your side helping you build knowledge and scale your business. The LAUNCHub seed fund has the capacity to be flexible and follow on successful investments for our companies. We have a good network of relationships with the best later-stage VC funds in Europe and the Silicon Valley. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our Investor Day events. At the Investors Day event the LAUNCHub team brings together leading European and international VC’s, investment organizations and business angels. The portfolio companies present their achievements and raising strategies live and also meet interesting keynote speakers on sharing tactics, tips and experience with issues relating to the big step that is made when entering a new phase of growth and raising.
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